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Little Nyonya (often pronounced by Thai as “Yaya”) means Little Ladies. Nyonya is the term for female Peranakans, the descendants of the Chinese immigrants living in Indonesia, Singapore, the Straits of Malacca region and Phuket. Over generations the Peranakans have developed their own unique culture and are most known for their Sino-colonial architecture and Nyonya cuisine.

Little Nyonya Hotel is a boutique hotel housed in a Sino-colonial mansion owned by a Phuket Thai–Peranakan family whose history dates back over 200 years.

The hotel is designed to evoke memories of the old days to bring the past back to life. The rooms are decorated with original artwork created by local artists, custom-designed furniture made from rare local woods produced by Peranakan craftsmen. The Two Grandmas Restaurant is serving both Western and Thai food as well as homemade Nyonya cuisine prepared under the supervision of Ama Tu, an experienced Nyonya cook.

Stay at Little Nyonya Hotel as a guest, immerse yourself into the life of a Phuket–Peranakan family,enjoy Nyonya food, be part of our family and take home warm memories of Phuket you can never collect from anywhere else except from our hotel.

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Nyonya Eating ( The Two Grandmas Restaurant )

The Two Grandmas Restaurant is supervised by Ama Aeng and Ama Tu, our beloved Nyonya cooks. Ama Tu started to be a kitchen hand when she was very young. Back then she was so small she had to stand on a stool to assist her mother, Mrs.Xiu Yi, the woman recognised as one of Phuket’s best Nyonya chefs of that time.

As a port town, Phuket is unsurprisingly a melting pot of cultures. And Thai influences on Nyonya cuisine are the things that set apart the Phuket Baba’s recipes from the ones of other Peranakan Chinese. If you are new to Nyonya food, the Two Grandmas Restaurant is obviously a good start.

  • Khao Sambai/Sambal (Coconut rice and Sambal sauce)
  • Khaotom Hokkien (Literally “Hokkien boiled rice”)
  • Curry Chicken Bun
  • Misua Soup with pork
  • Chicken curry with Mai Fun rice noodles